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Transport of boats

Many of our clients decide to take their boat to their place of vacation but do not have the time or enough means to do it themselves. At MUDANZAS JOVI we take care that when you arrive and find your boat prepared and ready to sail when you request it. If the transport is long distance we offer the fastest and most economical option. We have crane trucks and extendable gondolas with the necessary tools to transport boats, safely and without damage to your boat. We transport any type of boat: pneumatic, motorboats or dinghy up to 7.5 meters in length.

We transport boats by road at national or international level at the most competitive price, with a direct deal and giving solutions to the problems that may arise when moving your boat. Our strength in the transport of boats focuses on the particular client, aware that in most cases moves in unknown terrain, the proximity and agility in the deal makes it easy to find solutions.

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