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Company Removals

At Removals Jovi you will find the global service you are looking for to move your offices to the new facilities. The entire process of dismantling furniture, packing, moving, unpacking and assembling your office furniture is done in the shortest time possible so that your new offices are operational as soon as possible.

If you wish we can make the changes on weekends, this way the normal working rhythm is not interrupted from Monday to Friday.

You can request a quote without commitment and we will go to your headquarters to assess the work that must be done and the time necessary to carry it out, offering a closed price. If you want more information we will be happy to assist you.

Assembly and disassembly of furniture

We take care of the dismantling of your office furniture with the utmost care so that your furniture does not suffer any damage. We pack in an orderly manner, numbering and marking all the boxes for their quick relocation later in the future work site. We assemble the furniture once at the destination with great care and allowing the workers to return to their position in the shortest possible time.

We know that a move brings many headaches to a company and above all, downtime. With our company your team can return to work in record time thanks to our express removals of offices.

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