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Domestic Removals

Domestic Removals Benidorm. We offer the highest standard of transportation and moving services to and from anywhere in Spain, or in the world for that matter, at the most competitive prices. Our team of experts will handle every step of the domestic removal process, no matter the volume or the destination of your move. Packing, unpacking, dismantle and install if needed as well as assemble your furniture, connect your household appliances, etc. We have lifting platforms, we handle permits and fees with the municipalities. We have qualified and professional staff who will carefully pack your household items with our innovative packing materials and load them with care into our clean and regularly inspected trucks. We have a fleet of vans and trucks of different sizes.

Domestic Removals Benidorm
Domestic Removals Benidorm

At Removals Jovi, we facilitate your removal or express transfer, in the fastest way and with the least complication. We take care, if the client wishes, of packing their belongings, clothes, furniture, as well as dismantling and assembling their furniture in their new home. We have adequate boxes for proper packaging so your personal belongings are fully protected. We are available as long as the agenda allows on working days and  even on holidays. Our employees are trained in this sector, they are completely uniformed and have name tag  to identify them.

We put at your disposal our elevator that reaches up to 6 floors to delivery your furniture and bulky merchandise that can not be transported by stairs or lift due to its size or infrastructure of the house. We offer lifting services for all types of material. With our facade lifting service with furniture and material elevators, we save a considerable  amount of time, effort, labor and money. In addition, possible damage to the material, walls or elevators of the building is avoided. This service might interest people who need to raise or lower appliances, furniture, canapés or pieces of great size and value.

At Removals Jovi we offer transportation and removal services to individuals from anywhere in Spain at the best price. We are a team of experts with extensive experience and training in the field. We provide personalized attention and comprehensive advice to our clients to meet their needs and expectations.

We have a large fleet of vehicles with different load capacities of between 10 and 50 m3. Lifting platforms to facilitate the work of our operators. Our staff is specialized in the disassembly and assembly of furniture and the packing and unpacking of personal belongings, of kitchen and / or decoration. Storage company, with 24-hour security service. Quality packaging, of any kind for moving, wardrobe boxes with rack, individual boxes to order your books, shoes and other clothes, extra material to protect the goods, seals, bubble wrap, plastic bags / covers to protect mattresses, bases, sofas etc. Movement of pianos with Pianoplan. Civil liability insurance, which will cover any problem that may arise during the packaging, disassembly, assembly and transport of your furniture and that affects parts of your home during the course of the service.

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