1. For all purposes of this contract “Customer” is the person (s) Natural (s) legal person (s) responsible for JOVI REMOVALS (hereinafter the Company) performing transport-moving or services specified in the document attached.

2. The normal working hours is from 8:30 h. to 14:00 h. and 16:00 h. 20:00 h. Monday through Friday, in which the loading, unloading, packing, unpacking and few are the subject of this contract, except transfer from source to destination, to be held in the agreed period will be made.

3. Any tax, fee or charge local, regional, national, European or international community, will on behalf of the party that by law corresponds.

4. PURPOSE OF THE CONTRACT. By the contract of moving the carrier undertakes to transport furniture, household furnishings, appliances and accessories coming from or going to homes, business premises or workplaces, in addition to the loading, unloading and moving objects transport from where they are to place them in the home, workplace or local destination. The other operations, such as preparation, armed or unarmed, packing, unpacking and other complementary, be the contractual will of the contracting parties.

5. The handling and transport of pianos, player pianos, organs, safes, appliances, furniture, machines and generally all those objects which by their excessive weight or volume, requiring cranes or booster service personnel, shall be separate budget and in any case are included in the price of the move.

6. Unless special agreement, the Company is not responsible for any transport or assurance of corrosive acids, flammable, toxic or explosive materials, weapons, cash, jewelry, fine metals, precious stones, pearls, market values, artworks, objects old, collections, edible or perishable goods, the Company is exempt damages that breach of this clause cause the client or third parties. For this purpose, the customer shall withdraw furniture or appliances in which the object mentioned in the previous paragraph, before starting the service are subject concerted deposited.

7. ASSUMPTIONS OF EXEMPTION. Without prejudice to the provisions of Article 48, the carrier is relieved of liability when prove that the loss or damage of goods moving object could plausibly be any of the following risks:

a) Deficiencies in the packaging or marking of goods made by the shipper.

b) Manipulation made by the charger.

c) Loading or unloading goods whose size or weight is not suitable for the agreed transport means, provided that the carrier has notified the shipper of the risk of damage and it would have insisted on the implementation of the provision.

d) Misrepresentation or incorrectness of the information provided by the shipper.

e) Transport of live animals or plants.

f) nature of the goods subject to the move.

However, it entitled to claim can prove that the damage was not caused, in whole or in part by any such risks. When it is proven that the damage was caused by a circumstance partly attributable to the carrier, the only liable to the extent that it has contributed to the production of the damage.


1. Before you start moving, the carrier is obliged to submit a written budget to boot in which stating the services to be provided, their cost, the cost of the budget and the total price of the move, specifying, where appropriate, if costs arising from administrative procedures or permits that are necessary request or not included. Once accepted by the shipper, the budget will test the existence and content of the contract.

2. Failing document that goods moving object are indicated, the parties may mutually be required, before starting the transfer, implementation and acceptance of an inventory of such property.

3. Where the contracting party required to make or accept an inventory of goods refuses to do so, the other party may consider withdrawn the contract, with the effects, if any, apply in accordance with Articles 18.2 and 19.1 .


1. The carrier’s liability for damage or loss of goods transported may not exceed twenty times the Public Indicator Multiple / day Effects per cubic meter cargo space necessary for the performance of the contract.

2. This limitation of liability shall not apply to damage that, during the move, may suffer charger goods other than those transported.

10. In the event that the above guarantee is insufficient to trial customer, to cover the full value of the contents to be transported, the Company can secure on its behalf, under the policy that has signed with previous formal declaration the total value of items and payment of the insurance premium.

11. This AGREEMENT will be governed in matters not expressly provided therein by the General Terms and Conditions approved by the Ministry of Development (Law 15/2009 of 11 November – Land Transport Freight Agreement).


Moving the contract is subject to the rules applicable to the mode of transport used as not contrary to the provisions of this chapter.


1. The action for loss or damage of goods moving object is extinguished if the recipient does not manifest in writing its reservations to the carrier or its subsidiary at the time of delivery or, in case of losses and no apparent faults within seven days after delivery, minus Sundays and holidays.

2. The provisions of the preceding paragraph shall not apply when the recipient is a consumer and the carrier has not been informed in writing, clearly and prominently, before delivery, about the form and terms that must express reservations as well as the consequences of its absence.

14. The total service payment will be paid before the unloading of the goods or when designated by the company.


a) The loading and unloading operations, unless otherwise expressly agreed, shall be borne by the carrier. In the same terms, you shall be obliged to arm, disarm, packing, unpacking and put in place that prompted the goods under the move.

b) The carrier shall request the charger information about the relevant circumstances for the proper execution of the move, such as conditions of access to homes, premises and facilities for personnel and vehicles.

c) The carrier shall, where appropriate, charger on the administrative rules applicable to the agreed transfer, but is not obliged to check whether the documents made available are correct and complete.

d) The carrier shall inform the shipper about the possibility of concluding an insurance contract covering the risk of damage to goods moving object. The conclusion of the insurance contract does not relieve the carrier from liability. It shall not apply limitation of liability of the carrier specified in Article 76 when it fails to fulfill the obligation of information outlined above.

16. For all issues arising from the implementation, execution and interpretation of this contract, the parties expressly submit to Transport Arbitration Board of Alicante, expressly waiving their own jurisdiction.